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Out of every 10,000 males, 22 are homeless

The Cornerstone is in a multi-unit building that consist of two manager’s units, media/school/workshop lab, computer lab, on-site case management office vice coordination, educational/vocational services, job readiness and placement. Emergency resources are provided to fathers seeking housing including clothing and personal hygiene items. Services are delivered using a person-centered approach to support fathers and their children. We aim to provide fathers with a strong foundation and an extended network of compassionate adults they can tap into long after they leave.

The intake process will begin with an interview and assessment at our central location, our “Cornerstone” building. The Cornerstone is located at at 2321 N Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19132. The Cornerstone is on the corner of Broad and York Street and accessible by bus stops and a train station directly in front of the building.

    Sub Population I.

Parenting fathers In Child Welfare System

Our SIL model consists of three scattered sites throughout PA with each site housing up to five young men and children per home. GRCs SIL program will receive all referrals through DHS Central Referral Unit. All locations are secure and staffed 24 hours a day by trained trauma-informed Engagement Specialists. Each resident will have their own unit that includes two bedrooms for themselves and their child. All units will include general amenities, utilities, Wi-Fi, housekeeping, maintenance, 24-hour surveillance, a shared kitchen, common area, and entertainment room. Our housing model is unique because it includes housing, peer support/mentoring, coaching/case management, restorative practices, and creative safe spaces.

Sub Population II.
   Parenting fathers that are homeless and or lack safe and stable housing
GRC, Inc. uses a holistic housing service model that collaborates with various Landlords/Property Management Companies and works across systems to serve young fathers. Our organization maintains a positive relationship with community partners to provide a myriad of services that includes life skills development, family engagement, religious/spiritual services, legal assistance, and health. In response to the shortage of equitable and fair housing in Philadelphia, GRC formed a Landlord Liaison Project (LLP) between landlords, property management companies, and various community organizations. The LLP is a memorandum of agreement between these entities and GRC to create and expand landlord/property management relationships, affordable housing options, and remove potential barriers such as work history, criminal history, credit history, and/or rental history.

Fathers interested in joining the Fathers First Housing Initiative contact to get started.

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