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The housing search for any individual can be intimidating and discouraging. This discouragement is intensified when you are a young person with barriers such as: work history, lack of credit, lack of rental history, and/or age discrimination.  The need for a landlord liaison project that connects young people with landlords despite these barriers are needed now more than ever.  


In an effort to combat and address the shortage of equitable and fair housing in Philadelphia, GRC, Inc. Landlord Liaison Project (LLP) was crafted to expand affordable housing options, maintain existing housing relationships, remove barriers for transition-aged youth and youth aging out of foster care. The LLP currently has a network of over 20 landlord/property management companies that own and operate over 1,000 single-family and apartment houses.

We are dedicated to approaching housing as a business, employing real estate and housing expertise, coupled with the professionalism expected within the rental housing industry and based on a business model to recruit and maintain the participation of landlords/Property Management companies.

  • Prioritizing housing needs (Housing Preference Worksheet) 

  • Assist in understanding tenant rights and responsibilities and good rental practices, such as renter’s insurance and maintaining the home

  • Understanding rent leases, utility bill responsibility, and security deposits.

  • Move-in Inspection Form 

  • Offer guidance on how to build and keep good relationships and communication with landlords and help to resolve tenant-landlord disputes

  • Improve budgeting and credit skills of tenants (Monthly Budget Worksheet, Access to Credit Report, Understanding Your Credit Report, Tips for Repairing Your Credit History)

  • Assist in the creation and negotiation of payment plans that are realistic and practical for back rent and other late payments

  • Understand Fair Housing issues related to possible discrimination for protected classes including race, sex/gender, color, national origin, religion, disability, family status, and sexual orientation. 

  • Maintaining their unit (Determine responsibility for various types of maintenance and repairs) 

  • Moving on (Ending rental agreement and how to dispute any deductions in security deposits when moving out.

The GRC, Inc. LLP community-wide program is designed to house youth quickly, regardless of potential housing barriers, including criminal record, histories, eviction, or poor credit. Another component of the LLP is the renter’s counseling program. The LLP will also partner with other community partners to facilitate the renter’s counseling program. The Housing Counseling is a 7-day workshop that entails the following:

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