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 Our Programs serve homeless, adjudicated, dependent, or delinquent young adults that live within the State of PA. Young people must be between the ages of 18 to 26 years of age, participate in life skills training, and be committed to obtaining further education with the intent to become self-sufficient.


Growing Resilient Communities was incorporated on August 15, 2020, after meetings and research conducted by Philly Homes 4 Youth Coalition. These meetings uncovered the enormous need for services for transition-aged youth and youth aging out of foster care. To meet this, need our agencies developed an Interdependent Housing Program.


Objective 1:  

Reduce youth homelessness and the delay of obtaining safe housing. Youth served by GRC, Inc. should move into rental units with the lease in the youth’s name within 30 days after their intake appointment when suitable.

Objective 2:

Maintain a space where participants feel valued, have equity and promote Youth Voice.

Objective 3:

Collaborate with stakeholders to develop a long-term independent housing plan with the youth that is sustained  through youth income, connection to a PHA permanent housing resource, or other  housing option that allows youth to successfully discharge from the program in 18-24  months.

Objective 4:

Create and/or expand an extended supportive network for youth demonstrated by an identified list of persons who are willing and able to provide assistance and maintain a positive and healthy relationship with youth.

Objective 5:

Build personal credit and transition young people from leasing into home ownership. 

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