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Quinzelle Bethea El

Founder & Servant

Meet Quinzelle Bethea El, or as many know him by Q. From Camden, NJ  to the forefront of social change, Quinzelle Bethea- El's journey has been anything but ordinary. As the electrifying CEO of Growing Resilient Communities , he's channeling his youthful energy and unwavering spirit to redefine the meaning of home and hope for countless individuals.

Quinzelle Bethea El, a devoted father and public servant, has actively served underserved communities for over a decade. As the founder of Growing Resilient Communities Inc., he has pioneered vital projects in Philadelphia, primarily focusing on Rapid Rehousing and supervised independent living.

Mr. Bethea EL has many leadership accolades including   and CEO Forget Me Knot Community Services (FMKCS)2016- 2020. A notable achievement is securing multi million multi-year contracts and fundraising, directly benefiting homeless youth and those in foster care. The organization, under his stewardship, has consistently showcased positive outcomes, from impressive school attendance rates to transformative youth employment statistics.

Throughout his career, Mr. Bethea El's unparalleled dedication to his role as a servant leader shines through. His work ranges from establishing drop-in centers and housing programs for marginalized individuals to procuring substantial contracts from various government bodies and private funders. With a fundraising feat of over $15,000,000, his commitment to such initiatives remains unwavering.

However, it's not just his professional journey that sets him apart. Mr. Bethea El's lived experiences offer a profound understanding of the challenges faced by many. From battling homelessness as a young father in one of the most challenging cities, Camden, NJ, to facing harrowing personal losses, his life story is a testament to resilience and tenacity. His resolve and passion resonate in every endeavor he undertakes.

Through his words and actions, Mr. Bethea El fervently hopes for a unified stand to support people in need.

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Etai Argaman

Founder & COO/CFO

Having a career in real estate management and development I realized a reoccurring trend that young people especially those living in big cities are not prepared for independence. This unpreparedness continues the narrative of generational homelessness and poverty. This idea although not universal throughout all youth, is still a harmful stereotype that young people face when searching for housing. With more than enough agencies providing supportive services, I thought, why not develop an organization focused on housing and using connections I have made in the real estate industry to assist young people find housing. It is my hope and aim to one day develop GoGRC into a leading organization that prioritizes housing for people with disabilities, Veterans and Resilient populations of young adults.

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Sherrelle Jenkins

Executive Director

A healthy family and community is the cornerstone to living a fulfilled life. With a career in residential services as a direct care worker, case manager and director of multiple faith based and residential programs  I have a passion for helping young adults strive to be their best self.  Unfortunately, without having the safety and security of housing it makes it difficult for anyone to focus on setting and/or achieving positive growth and happiness. As a disciple of Jesus Christ I believe it is important to show Gods’ love by being a positive role model, worship through giving back and providing a service to others.

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