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Our Supervised independent living programs are designed for young adults aging out of foster care to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency and sustainable living. Our environment is designed to inspire youth to embrace their identity, unleash their inner potential and shape their own values. 


Young people are provided with all the tools, resources and support they need in order to evolve into confident leaders. Our campus model allows young people to have independence, while simultaneously providing discipline and support.



In an effort to combat and address the shortage of equitable and fair housing in Philadelphia, GRC, Inc. Landlord Liaison Project (LLP) was crafted to expand affordable housing options, maintain existing housing relationships, remove barriers for transition aged youth and youth aging out of foster care. The LLP currently has a network of over 20 landlord/property management companies that own and operate over 1,000 single family and apartment houses, 


 We are dedicated to approaching housing as a business, employing real estate and housing expertise, coupled with the professionalism expected within the rental housing industry and based on a business model to recruit and maintain participation of landlords/Property Management companies. 


The benefits of owning a home in the United States are well documented. Homes can create wealth for their owners that in turn can benefit families for generations. Homeownership can also reduce economic risk by protecting families from rising rent prices. Owning a home has also been associated with better psychological health and greater stability for homeowners’ children.


Our partnership with Annie Mac Mortgage company is committed to preparing young people for through workshops to provide potential young homeowners with a strong foundation of knowledge as they begin the home purchase process. Prospective homeowners receive comprehensive information from experts about mortgage lending, credit and budgeting, real estate, home inspections, and available sources to help with down payment and closing costs.



Growing Resilient Communities Inc., Fathers First initiative is Pennsylvania's leading housing first model for young fathers who are system involved. Our organization is the first state-licensed Supervised Independent Living(SIL) Program in the state of Pennsylvania to provide housing for parenting fathers and their children.

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