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 Our SIL programs are located in the City Of Philadelphia and designed to prepare young people with a safe transition out of Public Welfare Systems when appropriate. Our model was designed to offer support, structure and safety and also take in account that young people are still growing, have trauma and just need support finding their purpose. 


I.  Population Served:

All young people in care deserve to be prepared for independence. At GoGRC we serve adjudicated, dependent or delinquent young people that are system involved Youth must be approaching 17 years of age, participate in life skills training, and be committed to obtaining further education with the intent to become self-sufficient.


II.  Length of Program:


Length of service in the supervised independent living (SIL) program is dependent upon the following factors:

(1) the participant’s compliance with referring agency program requirements;

(2) the participant’s desire to remain in the program.

III.  Criteria for Participation:

B. Applicants may be referred prior to their 18th birthday, but will not be admitted to the program until they have reached the age of 17 1/2 years old.


C. Applicants must be enrolled and participating in an approved educational program with a demonstrated record of attendance and success, or be enrolled in an educational program beginning within three (3) months of program acceptance.


D. Our SIL program is structured so that all young people should be provided with the opportunity and support to be independent. We understand that young at times do not make the best choices, and have adverse childhood experiences. Therefore, history is not a disqualifier, if a young person is committed to their growth and independence we are willing to accept.

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